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 Have you always wanted to become a model but do not know how to go about it? Then this is your chance! TMC- The Model Convention invites the scouts of the Top Modeling Agencies from around the globe so you can present yourself to them. At TMC you can be discovered as a model and find an agency that is right for you. By presenting yourself on the runway and showing the agents two simple pictures you will find out if you have what it takes. If the agents are interested, you will get a so-called callback. The (inter)national Model Scouts at TMC are reliable, work at the highest level and are looking for new faces. In one weekend you get an answer to the question: “CAN I BE A MODEL?”. TMC is the fastest, most affordable and most efficient way!
 which agencies you can meet at TMC- The Model Convention.

TMC invites scouts from all different kind of markets. They are looking for models M/F, ages 4 - 40 for High Fashion, Commercial , Plus-size, Curvy and Kids

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TMC- The Model Convention believes it’s not necessary to spend a ton of money to get started in the modeling industry. This is why, if you take the time to compare the costs of trying to meet all of the agents and industry professionals that will be at TMC on your own, you will see that it’s the least expensive and most efficient way to get started.

TMC is not the only way to start your modeling career. In theory, you could travel to New York City and other major cities to knock on doors but not all agencies offer Open Calls. You could send photos to top agencies with the hope that they respond and maybe offer you an interview in their market. Either way, you will have to make an investment to meet agents face-to-face but this will cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of time. There are other scouting companies that charge thousands of dollars for the same opportunity we offer you .
After comparing all these options you will understand the enormous value TMC- The Model Convention has to offer.  

Who are we?

The Model Convention is an initiative of Mariana Verkerk, and Mauritz Briët.

Mariana has been in de Modeling Industry for over 30 years. During her Modeling career she worked with the top Brands and Designers Worldwide. She also starred as a Coach and a member of the Jury on Next Top Model in 5 different countries.

Mauritz started out as a model and appeared in various Campaigns, Movies and  Commercials worldwide. Going from acting to producing he was responsible as an Executive Producer and/or Creative Consultant for Global TV formats such as Next Top Model, X-Factor, Idols and Got Talent and The Voice, The Voice Kids in more than 26 countries.

Mariana and Mauritz met on the set of Holland’s Next Top Model and decided to join forces. In 2007 they founded The Model Convention in order to find a better way for a model to start a career.

Almost everyone knows what a Fashion model is, but do you know that there are many more types of models? Below is an overview.

You can work locally, you can do High Fashion and/or you can do commercial work. The market you are right for depends on your height, age, size and availability. Below you will find a rough guideline of different markets. Keep in mind there are always exceptions to the rule. For instance most female Fashion models are 5'9" and up but there are lots of famous Fashion models who are 5'5" and up. But the most important rule is that a model needs representation. An Agency helps you map out your career and can help place you with a modeling agency abroad. In every fashion city this is another agency, although some agencies have multiple locations. So it often happens that a model is represented both in New York, Paris and Milan.

Fashion models

In the modeling world, there are roughly two different directions: Fashion and commercial. Fashion, also known as High Fashion, means working for designers and leading magazines.  
Models like Kendall Jenner, Cara DeLevigne and Gigi or Bella Hadid who are featured in magazines such as Vogue, W and Harper’s Bazaar, shoot campaigns for Miu Miu and Dior and star in shows for Versace and Prada, are good examples of Fashion models. In the Fashion world, the demands are strict and all about prestige, art and tomorrow’s Fashion. Fashion Models often work abroad and usually fulltime.

Commercial fashion models

Commercial modeling is very diverse. It can range from selling toothpaste to working for a catalogue. But Doutzen Kroes’ global L’Oréal campaigns also falls under commercial modeling. You could say that commercial fashion models sell products, while high fashion models show fashion. But there is not a very clear dividing line between fashion and commercial. Every fashion model will also do commercial work, and the better your track record in the fashion world, the more you earn with your commercial jobs!


Models with the “right size” are also called “straight size” so-called as a counterpart to the term plus-size. Plus-size models are curvier. Since plus-size fashion also works with samples, most plusmodels are a size 12 or 16/18. At present, the term “curvy” is upcoming. These are models with size 10/12. These girls are definitely not fat, but do have hips, breasts and buttocks.

Special models

So you don’t have the “right” sizes but still want to be a model? Then special-model might be for you! Special models (also called specials) are good looking models who portray  “normal” people.  Special models can be seen in commercials for, for instance,  a telecom provider, flyers for grocery stores, medication … basically everywhere! It is the broadest category of modeling and thus also the most accessible. Special models can be any age, any size, big or small.  Good skin and teeth work to your advantage. Of course, it is essential that you are photogenic. Special-model is usually not a full-time job, so it makes it easy to combine with a study or other work.

Promo models

Promo models are people who look good and have a lot of charisma. As a promotional model you are booked for events or for promotions: think about handing out flyers or letting someone smell the latest perfume.. The idea is that your strong and outgoing personality helps sell products.
As you can see, there are many opportunities at The Model Convention. In one day you will find out what type of modeling is right for you, and which of the agencies are interested in you.

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