Dear parents and guardians,

The modeling industry has a great appeal to young people but unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people posing as model agents.

Not every agency is reliable. Young people get approached on social media like Instagram and Facebook with false promises or worse. Always make sure your child is represented by a legitimate agency. Your child does not need a full portfolio to start a modeling career. This is why it is essential to deal with a reputable agent who will guide you to the right photographers for that market and will introduce your child only to reliable clients. It is therefore not necessary to spend money on a portfolio until you have an agent. All you need to start are two simple photos for the scouts to decide if your child has potential. We guarantee you that the modeling agencies attending TMC- The Model Convention are the best in the business, whereby professionalism and reliability are paramount.

Many parents believe that their son or daughter is too young to work as a model. Being parents ourselves, we understand that the welfare of your child and the successful completion of his/her education is a priority. TMC and all participating agents share this view and will work closely with you to achieve this goal. Important to know however, is that by starting early, your son or daughter can adjust to the modeling business without it affecting their state of mind or education. All agencies that are present at TMC have one golden rule: "FINISH SCHOOL FIRST". By gradually building a portfolio through test shoots and by slowly starting to work in the weekends and vacations your son or daughter will gently ease into the modeling life. Only when your child has completed his or her education, he or she can start their full-time modeling career well prepared. If your child receives a 'call back', you get the chance to meet with the agents in person. Anyone under the age of 18 has to be accompanied by an adult.

At TMC transparency is crucial. The founders Mariana and Mauritz have years of experience in the business and have launched hundreds of careers.
Most scouting companies charge thousands of dollars for classes which you do not need. All you need is AN AGENT!
We are the most affordable scouting company in the business and highly endorsed by the biggest and best Model Agencies in the world. There are no hidden costs.
It is important for you to know you that you can always contact us, even after the event we will be available for advice.

If your child is between the ages of 4 to 12 we offer a special discounted ticket which includes one guest. For this age group there is a limited amount of tickets available.

Should you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact us via or the chat function on this website.


Mariana Verkerk and Mauritz Briët

TMC- The Model Convention